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What to do with all that leftover Easter candy

April 10, 2007

Our house is currently FULL of candy from easter egg hunts and other relatives.  The actual easter bunny did not leave any candy in the girl’s baskets except jelly beans in the eggs he hid around the house.  I am actually a little annoyed by the amount of candy in our house since I have no self control when it comes to this crap.  I can keep it up so the girls can’t get into it, but nothing keeps me out.

The frugal person in me hates to just throw it away.  If I bring it to work – I will just eat it there instead of at home.    

Here are a few ideas I have:

Use the jelly beans for “potty candy” bribes.  I think my youngest is on the verge of being ready. 

Save the candy to put in May Day baskets.  I usually ignore this holiday because I think it is stupid… however I usually feel a little guilty when my girls bring home several baskets and didn’t have any to give back to the other kids.  Maybe if I have the candy already on hand, I will actually do go through with it.

Anyone else?  What do you do with all the candy?


Daily Check-in 3/27/07

March 28, 2007

I had another great day as far as my diet/fitness goals. 

Nutrition (Burn to Earn challenges):

  • Drank 8 glasses of water
  • Ate 5 servings fruits/veggies
  • Ate 3 servings of Dairy
  • Ate a healthy breakfast

42 minutes – Alternating betweeen walking and jogging.  I believe I actually jogged 14 minutes – a new record!

I finished my workout shortly after 9pm.  I did a quick stretch afterwards, but when I went to bed around 10pm my legs were burning!  I think it had to do with my legs being sore from the strength workout the day before.  I didn’t think I would be able to get out of bed this morning!  Luckily they felt fine when I woke up – I guess they just needed a rest. 

Today I have another strength training session over my lunch hour.

Daily Goals – 3/23 – 3/25

March 26, 2007

I had a pretty rough weekend as far as my diet went.  I ate out 5 times between Friday lunch and Sunday lunch.  That is probably more than I have eaten out since the beginning of the year!

I tried to keep my water in check – I ordered water instead of a drink each time we ate out except today.   I didn’t keep track of the number of glassess specificially, but I hope I had between 4-8 glasses each day.


  •  Friday:  35 minute walk with a few jogging intervals
  • Saturday:  Nothing… bad
  • Sunday:  40 minute walk with jogging intervals.

Tomorrow starts a new program I am doing at my gym.  We earn points for doing certain activities to earn prizes.

Starting Today…. or tomorrow

February 27, 2007

Welcome to my personal finance and weight loss blog.  I am hoping writing each day will keep me accountable for my goals.