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Daily Goals 3/22/07

March 23, 2007

I am going to start posting my results of my daily goals to keep myself accountable.

I have two goals I am working on:

  1. Do some form of exercise
  2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water 

I finally made it to the gym over my lunch hour today.  I think it has been 2 weeks since I have done that.  In theory, I could have saved a punch on my gym card and walked outside today, but I didn’t want to get my new running shoes dirty.  So far they have only been inside shoes and I am not ready to break them in outdoors yet.

I walked for a total of 34 minutes on the treadmill including about 4 minutes of jogging (yea!).  And the best part?  I did this all WITHOUT using my asthma rescue inhaler.  The Singular I am taking really does work. 

In the evening, I did another 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. 

I want to start another exercise streak to see how many days straight I can do some form of exercise.  I did this in the fall and it really helped my weight loss.  Today is day 1.

I think I drank at least 64 oz of water today.  I didn’t really count, but I had 1 1/2 big glasses at work plus another big glass at home. 


Step #2 Set Long Term and Daily Goals

March 14, 2007

Cris at The Life Ledger is currently writing a series on 10 steps to jump start your fitness . This sounds like just what I need, so I am going to follow along.

Step #2 Set Long Term and Daily Goals

Set goal weight
My goal weight is 150 which would put my BMI around 21.5. Normal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 so this is about mid-range.
Starting weight is 188 – Goal Weight 150 = 38 lbs. I want to lose this weight by the end of the year which equals out to about 3.8 lbs per month. This should definately be attainable. Slow and steady is the way to go.

My main size goal is a size 8 – single digits! My weight goal may change depending on what size I actually am at 150. If I hit a size 8 at 155 (which I highly doubt) – that will be my goal. If it takes me getting into the 140s (which is probably more realistic unless I hit the weights hard) then I will work towards that. The size means more to me than the number on the scale.

Set Daily Goals

I have a lot of daily goals in my head that I can use to loose weight. However I don’t want to overwealm myself with too many changes at once that I will just focus on two. Hopefully I will be able to change\upgrade these goals often as time goes on.

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. I believe this is the #1 thing you should change when you are trying to lose weight. Water does so much for your body. I used to be really good about drinking water daily, but I tend to slack off a bit when the weather gets colder. Since spring is almost here, I need to start drinking water regularly again. Right now I am sitting at my desk with a big 32 oz glass. I want to be able to finish two of these while at work each day. If I can do that – the rest will be easy.

2. Do some sort of exercise at least 30 minutes a day. This can include cardio, strength or flexibility. Since the weather is warming up, this should not be a problem since the cold is no longer an excuse.

Set Dream Goals

1. I would like to run one 5k this year. I have never been a runner – I have always used my asthma as an excuse to not even try it. However, this is not a valid excuse – I need to strengthen my lungs to be able to do this. There is a 5K in my town this summer that is actually on my birthday. July may be a little soon for this goal, but it is stil something I can work towards.

I actually had a hard time coming up with another concrete goal. I have a lot of goals that are not concrete – I want to be healthy for my family, be a good example to my girls, be a sexy wife…I will keep thinking and post another dream goal when I come up with one.

Use Constant Reminders.
I have a cute little football t-shirt that I would love to wear tailgating next fall. I have never been able to wear it. The size on the tag states XL, but it is more like a Med realisticly. Not sure it if was labeled wrong, or if the brand just runs that small. I will put this shirt at the front of my closet to look at each day.

I also went to the Success Begins Today site cris spoke about and downloaded the Dieteer. I changed a few of the goal and tracking cards to match what I am currently doing. I also changed a few of the sayings in the Diet Motivator cards to be more meaningful to myself. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Do not exchange what you want most for what you want at the moment.
    See it, Want it, Be it.
    Exercise today, results tomorrow.

Cris if you are reading this I am looking forward to step #3!

Step 1 – Getting Started

March 12, 2007

Cris at The Life Ledger is currently writing a series on 10 steps to jump start your fitness .  This sounds like just what I need, so I am going to follow along. 

Step 1 – Calculate and record your starting points – BMI, daily caloric intake and measurements.


I went to the American Cancer Society  site and used their BMI calculator.
bmi calculation
A BMI of 26.8 is in the overweight category (no kidding…).

Daily Caloric Intake

Again, I went to the American Cancer Society website and used their calculator.  I put my weight goal into their calculator to find out how many calories a day I would need at my goal. 
Calorie Calculations
2145 calories – that seems like a lot and should be doable for maintenance.  Of course that also means I am eating WAY more than that now since I was gaining weight when I was down to 180 a few months ago.   If I shave off 500 calories for weight loss I would be at 1645 calories per day.   I also put in my current weight, calculated and shaved off 1000 calories like Life Ledger’s example.  It ended up being very close to the previous calculation – 1674 calories for weight loss.

Body Measurements

In my past diets, I have tried to regiliously to measure myself and I didn’t really get excited about the inches for some reason.  This time, I am just going to go by how my clothes feel – that is what gets me excited. 

I am currently wearing a size 14 jeans.  They are WAY TOO TIGHT, so realisticly, I am probably a 16.  I no longer have any 16s in my closet, so I have to at least lose enough weight so my clothes will fit.  For tops, I mostly wear a large or xl. 

The number on the scale to start is 188.