Top 5 reasons why I should exercise in the morning.

5.  Exercising early in the morning jump starts your metabolism.  I will end up burning more calories during the day.

4.  When I work out in the morning I tend to make healthier choices during the day.  I don’t want to ‘waste’ my workout by eating crap.   

3.  I don’t have time to make excuses.  If I work out first thing, I am finished.  No excuses when life gets busy later in the day.

2.  Studies have shown that people to workout in the a.m. have a more consistent fitness routine. 

1.  It makes me more energized at work.  I can concentrate better and be more productive.

And… the only reason why I don’t exercise in the morning.

I can’t get my butt out of bed!

I have set my alarm for 5:30 for the past three weeks and I have only actually gotten up to work out ONCE.    I was able to workout in the a.m. last summer pretty regularly.  I know once I get a routine going it will get easier.  I just need to start…


One Response to “Top 5 reasons why I should exercise in the morning.”

  1. thedietpulpit Says:

    Start out easy — something you enjoy doing. I like tai chi it’s relaxing but is still a nice workout for the body without stressing it. I got a dvd for beginning tai chi at a bookstore. Once you convince your subconscious you aren’t going to overdo and sweat to much in the morning — maybe it will be easier to get up, then once you are in the habit you can add a little here and there to your morning routine. Lady Rose

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