My fitness-filled weekend

I had a great weekend as far as exercise goes.  On Saturday I participated in the Christopher and Banks MS Walk and walked the 4 mile route.  Most of the walk, with the exception of the very beginning was at a pretty fast pace since I was trying to keep up with my teammates that were 10 years younger.  Plus I was pushing a double stroller with both of my kids.

Sunday for Mother’s Day we went for a bike ride around town with the girls in the bike buggy.  We stopped at a park and enjoyed the wonderful spring weather.  We didn’t bike at a fast pace, but we ending up going about 12.5 miles total. 

Then Sunday afternoon I took off on my bike again and went to the library.  It was kind of nice to have some alone time in the library where I wasn’t confined to the kid’s books area.  I pushed myself to go a little faster on this ride for about 10 miles total (5 miles each way).  I will admit – my legs were a little exhausted by the end of the ride. 

Unfortunately, I am sure the crap that I ate Sunday (Starbuck’s latte and donut holes for breakfast, grilled steak with baked potato and sauteed mushrooms for dinner, and don’t forget the rice crispy treats that I munched on all day) erased all the exercise I did that day. 

So I decided that this would be a great opportunity to start another exercise streak since I have been such a slacker in this area.  I set my alarm early this morning and went for a 30 minute walk.  I am sure I should be doing more, but I need to conquer my first battle of a.m. exercise – just getting myself out of bed…


One Response to “My fitness-filled weekend”

  1. mcgheetraining Says:

    That’s a pretty good bike ride. It’s gonna take a lot more to ruin that day of exercise than what you have listed. Keep it up!

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