April Financial update

I did end up in the red for April.  The good news is this is the first month in 2007 that I spent more money than I brought in.  The difference was only $44 so for 2007 as a whole I am still doing OK. 

I have a few challenges in May coming up.  We are taking a little vacation near the end of the month.  We have saved up for it, so I hope nothing vacation related comes out of our regular budget.  There always seems to be something that comes up however, so I do need to make sure I have a little extra room.

I am also trying something new with my household and gas purchases.  Instead of using a cash based system for these types of items I am going to use my CC and earn points on my purchased and maybe a $ or two in interest on the money left in my account.  At the end of the month, I will pay my CC on-line.  I have always been very responsible with credit cards – I have never carried a balance.  However, with the cash system, I could physically see how much money I had left for the month by looking at my wallet.  With CC, I will have to keep track in my head when I am out shopping. 


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