Good Intentions

Today was a banner day on how my two goals don’t always jive together. 

I started off my day with great intentions.  I packed oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins for breakfast.  For lunch I packed leftover chicken breast with wild rice along with a banana. Starting off the week being good on my diet is essential. 


I walked into the break-room to make my oatmeal.  Walked out with a donut.  I have such a hard time saying NO to free food.   There wasn’t even an email to announce the evil treats were there.  Maybe if I would have been warned I could have talked myself out of them.

Then later this morning a co-worker came to my desk to chat.  She said she brought in 3 pieces of pizza in for lunch – she would only eat two and probably throw out the extra if I didn’t want it.  Throw out food?  I could never be responsible for throwing out food – there are starving children out there!  Again – healthy planned meal was pushed aside for free food.  I ate the banana – is that worth anything?

The good news is that I don’t have to pack lunch for tomorrow – it is all here waiting for me.


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