Splenda Rant…

Am I the only dieter out there that hates the taste of this stuff?  A few days ago I put a little Splenda brown sugar blend in my oatmeal and coffee to replace the normal brown sugar I usually use to save a few calories.  I had that crappy artificial sweetener aftertaste in my mouth the entire morning. 

I am not even sure why I purchased this stuff – it was really a waste of my money.  I have always disliked the taste of low-calorie sweeteners.  I have never liked diet soda.  I tried a girl scout sugar free brownie bite a few weeks ago and it left the same bad aftertaste. 

I think this kind of food actually makes me eat more because I eat something else to get rid of that taste in my mouth.  It also doesn’t leave me as satisified as using the real sugar. 

So I think for now, I will just use normal, high-calorie sugar… just less of it. 


3 Responses to “Splenda Rant…”

  1. Revka Says:

    Splenda is NASTY! Don’t ever try to make homemade icecream with it! {or anything else, for that matter :0) }

  2. Lady Rose Says:

    Have you tried stevia? A friend of mine swears by it. I haven’t tried it. But she gets it from a health food store – its a plant that they make into a liquid and a powder to use as a sweetner and its suppose to be very very sweet – so only need a small amount. It’s expensive – but for a treat might be worth a try to get a small amount. My friend who uses it is diabetic – stevia is suppose to stablize blood sugar, not cause the body to raise the sugar levels since it is a natural plant, not over processed chemical added white sugar (which is actually processed in ways similar to making cocaine – another chemically altered substance that is addictive).

    Lady Rose

  3. cuttingback Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion – I will look into it. I think for right now I will just use the real stuff – just not as much.

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