Daily Goals 3/22/07

I am going to start posting my results of my daily goals to keep myself accountable.

I have two goals I am working on:

  1. Do some form of exercise
  2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water 

I finally made it to the gym over my lunch hour today.  I think it has been 2 weeks since I have done that.  In theory, I could have saved a punch on my gym card and walked outside today, but I didn’t want to get my new running shoes dirty.  So far they have only been inside shoes and I am not ready to break them in outdoors yet.

I walked for a total of 34 minutes on the treadmill including about 4 minutes of jogging (yea!).  And the best part?  I did this all WITHOUT using my asthma rescue inhaler.  The Singular I am taking really does work. 

In the evening, I did another 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. 

I want to start another exercise streak to see how many days straight I can do some form of exercise.  I did this in the fall and it really helped my weight loss.  Today is day 1.

I think I drank at least 64 oz of water today.  I didn’t really count, but I had 1 1/2 big glasses at work plus another big glass at home. 


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