Today’s exercise – 03/12/06

It was a beautiful day today.  Temperatures were above average and sunny.  At lunch I opted to not go to the mexican restuarant with my co-workers and went for a walk instead.  I decided to go to a park a few miles from my work with a lake.  It is a beautiful park and has a 3 mile path that loops around the lake.

It was a little strange when I drove into the park.  It was probably over 60 degrees and there were still people ice fishing on the lake.  I walked about a 6 minutes down the path and noticed there was a section that was flooded.  I probably could have walked through it, but I really hated to get my nice walking shoes wet.  So I turned around and went back to my car.  I figured I would have time later tonight anyway.  Total time:  12 minutes.

This evening after dinner we enjoyed being outside and playing basketball with the girls.  Then we came in for baths and getting ready for bed.  By the time the girls were in bed I had talked myself out of walking and had a hot fudge sundae instead.  I even had my workout clothes on – all I had to do is get out the door!  Needless to say I am very dissapointed in myself.  If I am going to lose the weight – I am the one that has to put in the effort.  No one else can do it for me.  NO MORE EXCUSES!


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