Step 1 – Getting Started

Cris at The Life Ledger is currently writing a series on 10 steps to jump start your fitness .  This sounds like just what I need, so I am going to follow along. 

Step 1 – Calculate and record your starting points – BMI, daily caloric intake and measurements.


I went to the American Cancer Society  site and used their BMI calculator.
bmi calculation
A BMI of 26.8 is in the overweight category (no kidding…).

Daily Caloric Intake

Again, I went to the American Cancer Society website and used their calculator.  I put my weight goal into their calculator to find out how many calories a day I would need at my goal. 
Calorie Calculations
2145 calories – that seems like a lot and should be doable for maintenance.  Of course that also means I am eating WAY more than that now since I was gaining weight when I was down to 180 a few months ago.   If I shave off 500 calories for weight loss I would be at 1645 calories per day.   I also put in my current weight, calculated and shaved off 1000 calories like Life Ledger’s example.  It ended up being very close to the previous calculation – 1674 calories for weight loss.

Body Measurements

In my past diets, I have tried to regiliously to measure myself and I didn’t really get excited about the inches for some reason.  This time, I am just going to go by how my clothes feel – that is what gets me excited. 

I am currently wearing a size 14 jeans.  They are WAY TOO TIGHT, so realisticly, I am probably a 16.  I no longer have any 16s in my closet, so I have to at least lose enough weight so my clothes will fit.  For tops, I mostly wear a large or xl. 

The number on the scale to start is 188.


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