Exercise last weekend

Exercise last weekend. 

I took advantage of the warmer weather this weekend and went for a walk outdoors on Saturday and Sunday.  The only downside is that with all the snow that melted the last few days made a few puddles on the sidewalk.  It was drier on the streets, but even though I only walk in residential areas, I don’t feel comfortable walking on the road. 

Saturday:  Walked about 45 minutes.  If I remember right from last fall, this route is just under 3 miles.
Sunday:  Same route, but I did this at 8:30 at night after the girls went to bed.  There were some extremely dark areas without street lights.  I may have to rethink my route if I am going to continue to walk after dark. 

I feel great financially about walking\exercising outdoors – it doesn’t cost me anything except the equipment I already have.  The gym I belong to has a punch card system – you pay for as many punches as you want.  The punches don’t ever expire (I purchased 100 punches a few years ago and I am still using them).  I think I am getting closer to the end of my punches – so anytime I can workout outside instead of going to the puts off this purchase another day.


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