February Finances

February numbers from my budget:

Expenses          Budgeted          Actual              Difference

Household        $600                $520                $80

Daycare           $1000              $1000              $0

Regular Bills     $271                $176                $95

Irregular Bills    $                      $328

Medical            $10                  $50                  ($40)


Debt                 Budgeted          Actual              Difference

School Loan     $200                $200                $0

Car Loan          $500                $650                ($150) 

Savings             Budgeted          Actual              Difference

College               $50                  $50                  $0

Irregular Bills      $240                $240                $0

Savings                                       $85                  ($85)


Total Expenses\Pmts:                $3299

Income:                                    $3302

Difference                                 $3.00 ahead


I run a zero based budget so I want my bottom number to be zero or as close to zero as possible (I try to be on the positive side).  I will post more detail on how I budget in a later post.

Explanations of differences:

Household – This number includes pretty much everything that is not a regular bill or payment.  Groceries, gas, hair cuts, clothing.  My goal is to have this number always smaller than my budgeted amount.

Regular bills – Normally this number would not have much difference.  However, I do budget billing on my gas bill and they were so far off last year I basically got 2 ½ months free gas bills. 

Medical – I normally do not pay much in this category (prescriptions are included in the irregular bills).  However this month I had a co-payment from my daughters 18 month check up plus I got a bill from the clinic from last year’s flu shots.

Car loan & Savings– Anything extra at the end of the month gets split out to the car loan and savings.  


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